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A Swiss company specialized in the construction of crossheads and extrusion tooling to the highest quality standards, offers to the Cables and Pipes&Tubes manufacturer their complete range of products.

The crossheads of CJTEK answers the uncompromisingly high quality standards required with regards to concentricity, high production speeds, easy handling and quick tool change times, working on a three-shift operation year after year.
Crossheads from CJTEK

Flite Technology
Innovating to Meet the Demands of Tomorrow

Founded in 1981, Flite Technology is a premier designer, manufacturer and re-builder of feed screws and barrels for the plastics, medical, rubber and food industries. In addition to supplying feed screw, barrels and machine components, the Company is the exclusive source of a proprietary line of patented, highly accurate screw and barrel wear instrumentation devices.

Flite Technology has an extremely large database of prints, drawings, and factory OEM specifications.

Flite Technology has one of the largest combined engineering resource in the industry for plastic extrusion, injection and blow molding support.

The Flite Technology client list includes a diverse group of companies ranging from start-up ventures to Fortune 500 corporations. All receive the same innovative service and personal attention that is Flite Technology.

If your looking for a competitive advantage, advanced technology, and cost effective pricing, Flite Technology can provide the resources and expertise your business needs to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Flite Technology has earned the reputation as an innovator and industry leader in the manufacturing of precision single and twin feed screws and barrels. Whether it's new, a rebuild, or a repair, you can be confident the quality and performance will be unsurpassed.